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Working at a Marketing Agency

Are you still wondering what it is like to be a part of an Online Marketing Company? You must have now understood that earning course certificates was never enough. The sector is vast and requires an applicable skillset that is readily executable on the desk. After reading this text, you will visualize different job roles that you can take up when applying for an internship or entry-level work in the sector.

Like every organized corporate sector an Ad Agency works as a team. It aims at providing valuable services for its clients by putting efforts into innovative ideas and obtaining outputs. A brief breakup of a critical Ad agency office is as follows:

  1. Media Planners
  2. Client Servicing
  3. The Execution Team Aka SEM team
  4. The Creative Team
  5. SEO Team
  6. Social Media Management Team
  7. The Analytical Team.

Media Planners

Let Suppose you are a brand that has a marketing objective in mind and goes to an Online Marketing Company also called a Digital Ad Agency. You have decided on a limited budget to invest in achieving your objectives. The Media Planners take up the work of planning the entire available budget to achieve the objectives as declared by the client. The media planner will lay an entire plan of how the budget will be spent on different online platforms to achieve the goal.

Client Servicing

The function of client servicing is similar to media planners, but not exactly. Not all agencies have this section as its objectives are to provide dedicated support services for clients by keeping in touch with all queries that the client may have and provide effective solutions. It is usually adopted for agencies with a huge clientele.

SEM Team

SEM is an acronym for SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING. This team works with different Server Side Platforms (SSPs) like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc to achieve a common goal. SEM basically is the purchase of digital space on publishing platforms to display Brand advertisements. This is achieved by running several campaigns like PPC ads, Display Ads, Social Media Ads, Search Ads, Native ads, etc. They work with SSPs to achieve common goals such as:

  • Acquire Clicks on Brand Links
  • Increase traffic of Brand’s Landing page
  • Achieve a certain number of Ad impressions
  • To aim at certain number of Conversions or product purchases
  • To improve Website visibility during Paid Search

The Creative Team

Ad creative
Ad creative

The main goal of a creative team is to design and execute campaigns that encourage a target audience to buy a company’s products or services. The team is also responsible for creating a consistent brand image for the company through its look, voice, and messaging. The members of a creative team have to think critically as to how to create something unique that helps themselves and the SEM team to achieve goals.

The SEO Team

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is all those activities that are performed to improve the organic ranking of a Brand in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The SEO team has to apply tweaks in Brand’s websites such that it ranks higher on search engine results pages when auctioned for a certain set of keywords related to the brand. Few important activities performed by the SEO team are:

  • Modifying or creating search engine optimised content pages.
  • applying Mods to meta keywords, descriptors, titles of a webpage.
  • Improving page loading time by image optimization.
  • Creating mobile friendly websites by incorporating Acclerated mobile Pages (AMP) and Document Object Modelling (DOM pages).
  • Acquire backlinks to brand websites. (Off Page optimizaton)
  • Creating outbound links on web pages (On page optimization)
  • Apply technical SEO like HTTPS, improve crawlling, fixing broken links, optimizing google search console, Canonicalization of page URL’s, dealing with duplicate content and much more.
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Social Media Management Team

The Social media management team is responsible for a brand’s Social Media handle. It works to improve a Brand’s social media presence by analyzing audiences and developing a strategy that is tailored according to them. They create and distribute content for social media profiles, monitor online conversations, collaborate with online influencers as well as keep a check on investment returns on different social media campaigns, and much more. They perform their task in three broad steps:

  • Conduct Social Media Audits.
  • Define Target Audience.
  • Decide to invest on correct social media platforms.

The Analytical Team

Analytics team
Analytics team

The analytical team in an Online Marketing Company monitors all the activities by collecting and analyzing data from all online campaigns. This is performed by using Online tools like google analytics, Facebook analytics, Twitter analytics, LinkedIn Analytics, and many others. The team analyzes data sources and provides strategic solutions to problems. They help the agency in taking data-driven and informed decisions.

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