Trends from Digital Marketing

“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks. “

– Neil Patel

The world of Digital Marketing is vast and one of the various upcoming fields. All big brands are now seeking out professionals who can leverage the use of online available tools to build an online presence. Offline marketing has its own importance but with serious limitations, which are being overcome by Digital Marketing. A brand is able to build its awareness by creating content, describing its unique selling points which come as a result of creative thinking and huge advertising efforts. This uniqueness in creativity gives birth to “Digital marketing trends” that introduce new words and phrases with their timeline. (Digital Marketing trends)

A Dive into the past

Revolution Timeline
Revolution Timeline

The Industrial Revolution was responsible for the improvement in the quality of work and made industrial giants identify the true value of Human Labor. Machines overtook all hard work that was previously done by humans for little money that they were paid. The advent of modern machinery made difficult tasks easy and slowly increased the cost of human labor.

Then came the Digital Revolution. Faster and more compact computers reduced the mental effort which made tasks easy and more reliable. Digital marketing is a technique that leverages and sometimes exploits the vast online presence of people over the internet, around the world.

Affordable Mobile technology has drifted people to get more engaged with each other, but digitally. With every click over the internet, you are sending valuable data to the people who are going to use it to reach you. There are no more doorbells ringing with an individual standing up to you asking to either buy or invest in something that you don’t desire or haven’t heard of before.

Whose Digital Marketing Efforts are worth it ?

Marketing Efforts attract attention only when they feel compatible with the latest trends being followed by others or which introduces something entirely new and gets publicly viral. Digital marketing has now become a new common with “DATA” being the currency that defines how successful someone’s marketing efforts are going to be. So it is important now more than ever for a person who seems himself/herself into this field to be familiar with all keywords related to the latest digital marketing trends being followed.

Here we will discuss various trends which are used at present by leading giants to solve all the problems they face in this competitive market scenario. So keep yourself updated on all the latest content that will be uploaded regularly. (Digital Marketing trends)

Take a look at few important questions below:

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    1. (a) Crowdsourcing also called as Consumer Co-Creation Led to formation of Sharing Economy Business Model.
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  3. Structure Of a Digital Marketing Agency !
  4. Internet Cookies & Data Privacy
  5. What is an Accounts Executive?

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