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Important Tips For Students MUST READ

By Manish Joshi

Here I am with some important Student Tips with few modern resume templates which students must use to rise above in the competition.

While Economies are at standstill, Countries losing GDP, people facing financial and health hazards due to this new COVID Strain, some of our very very “HARDWORKING” counterparts are found amused by the thought of not attending school and are taking the meaning of education to their own level of comfort by taking online classes at home. While others find the same thought concerning as online classes are less effective as compared to a conventional classroom session where students have greater interaction with their faculties and indulge in a better discussion.

The point in all of this is that the students must consider this “at home” freedom to incorporate new professional habits into their chores which can help them develop professional Aptitude.

Following are a List Of Activities and beliefs to focus:

  • First and foremost focus on the course that you have in hand.
  • Create a Personal Email. (With a Decent ID)
  • Stop Depending upon your school or institute for education, Learn to Take things in your hands but under expert Supervision
  • Create a Student CV. (Importance Discussed Below)
  • Build a Professional CV (For Appearing Students)
  • Start reading English literature for language improvement.
  • Don’t depend only on your field of study. DIVERSIFY YOUR HORIZONS. (Will be discussed later)

Focus On Your Present Course

It is obvious to put a greater part of your attention on your present syllabus. Objectify your goals and work smart to achieve them. Internet is an ocean with unlimited treasures. Explore the treasure with online studies. There are several online study platforms like UNACADEMY, Civil Digital, NPTEL, etc

You don’t have to depend on anyone to provide you with information. Your syllabus with google and your notebook will prove wonders. Adjust your timetable.

Create a Student CV

Are you tired of your So-Called “Placement Coordinators” telling you how to make CV’s only to get them rejected by others?

Find the Link Below to Download the Latest Formats for Both Appearing and Non Appearing Candidates

YES, Students can also have a CV besides Indian Students need to maintain a Personal Portfolio (A personal portfolio is an evidentiary document designed to provide qualitative and quantitative information) like the one in their foreign counterparts. This will help us to be familiar with professional practices.

Here are the latest working CV and Resume templates you can download for Free from the link below. (You can Also Go to to build yourself a personalised CV)

Click Here for Professional CV

Click Here for Sample Student Resume

Student Resume Download

Click Here for Engineering CV (You will have to unarchive the files on a PC)

Civil Engineering Download

Electrical Engineering Download

Mechanical Engineering Download

Click Here For Modern Professional Resume (For Experienced Professionals)

Professional Resumes Download

Don’t Await Campus Placements (Create a Linked In Profile)

I advise students not to wait for their institutes to create placement opportunities for you as they cannot be trusted. The students must Create a linked In profile which is a better way to build an online presence for their certification and skills. Believe me, a strong linked In Profile will definitely help you get that dream job.

Follow this link to redirect to LINKED IN:

Student tips | Resume Templates

Time to move towards online learning

All information in the present scenario is being broadcasted via an online medium. It calls for the need of getting familiar with how the internet works. My advice is to keep following the latest Internet trends regarding professional practices. Few important online platforms which provide certified training courses are:

Academic Tips for students | Resume Templates


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