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quote by lao tzu
Understand the importance of a good persona, Improve it and half your hurdles will fell.

(Personality Development Tips) by Manish Joshi (BloggerJoshi)

People have different personalities and a person’s personality consists of a set of psychological
characteristics which is the factor that decides how he/she will be perceived by others. It can also be said that :

“Personality is a unique blend of individual characteristics that affect interaction with the environment and help define a person”

For a student, the following points will help him/her understand the type of personality that he/she possesses. We can later work on how to improve persona to make it more professionally and socially appealing, read the following text which will help you recognize the type of persona that you currently have:

Personality on the basis of work efficiency is defined basically into two categories:

Type A and Type B Personalities
Type A personality is a personality trait that involves working competitively under pressure.
Type B personality is a personality trait that involves working calmly without pressure.
Type A personality works aggressively under pressure at an intense level with an impatient
and competitive approach to others; and Type B personality chooses and prefers a low-pressure life and is a more relaxed, easy-going, sociable person.

Lets Talk about Self Esteem

I love myself
I love myself

Self-esteem is a personality trait that is concerned with the extent to which one has a feeling of self-worth. A person with high self-esteem exhibits the following characteristics:

  1. Has a positive feeling about self.
  2. Understands that there are self strengths and self weaknesses.
  3. Believes to have a higher number of strengths than a number of weaknesses.
  4. Believes that strengths are more important than weaknesses.
  5. Believes that he or she is an important person.
  6. Seeks responsibility.
  7. Inspires others to have confidence in him or her.


You can do Anything. Don’t Question it!!!

Self-efficacy is defined as an individual’s beliefs and expectations about his or her ability to accomplish a specific task effectively.

A person with a high self-efficacy exhibits the following characteristics:

  1. Has a belief that he or she possesses the knowledge and skills needed to get
    things executed successfully.
  2. Has the capability to exert the needed effort to accomplish the task.
  3. Can overcome any obstacles which may arise in achieving successful performance.
  4. Has no doubt about reaching success on the task.
  5. Has self-esteem.

Positivity/Negativity Affect

Positivity quote
Always think positively

If you have a positive effect, you emphasize or make positive aspects of yourself, people, and the world noticeable. You have the tendency of experiencing positive moods in a wide range of situations and under different

Negators have certain common characteristics:

  1. They usually keep to themselves having no want to participate in group activities.
  2. They often act selfishly.
  3. They never think a project will succeed, even if they are in charge.
  4. They have an “I can’t” attitude instead of an “I can” attitude.
  5. They spend much of their time criticizing their employer or parents and every business or personal
    decision made.
  6. They might have a dysfunctional personal life and prefer that co-workers or friends are
    miserable along with them.
  7. They shy away from taking risks or important decisions.
  8. They focus on the negatives when everyone else looks on the bright side.
  9. They seek out ‘lose-lose’ situations, instead of ‘win-win’ situations.
  10. They tend to be secretive and avoid communicating with people whenever they can


Puppet Dancing
Don’t be either of both of them.

This might be a new term for most of you, But it holds a great importance which getting yourself defined,

Machiavellianism is a personality characteristic that determines the degree to which a
person focuses on obtaining and using power to further his or her own ends, regardless of
the impact on others. It is a personality trait that involves a willingness to
manipulate others for one’s own purposes.

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