Shutter Up (The Photography Event)

Photography slogans

Photography is not just a passion. It can be a lucrative, hobby or a full-time profession and artistic approach. It takes artistic and creative skills to capture the moments that make people happy in the coming years.

Submit your favorite photograph that you think you have. The best three photographs will be walled for a week on the Blogs Home Page. Don’t forget to rename your photo to the theme of your photograph before uploading.

Fill here to submit your Creative.

Limit your FileSize to 25 mb

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Few Amazing Submissions

Side Banks of a Railway Track Ballast

The image was captured beautifully by Mr. Vaibhav Joshi who is a Photography Enthusiast himself. He works in the engineering section of Larsen and Toubro and is currently posted at Mailani – Pilibhit gauge conversation project in Pooranpur, Pilibhit, UP where this photograph was taken. On viewing broadly the scene resembles of side banks of a gravity dam or banks of a dried-up river channel. A close look at the upper left side of the image gives an indication of the angle with which the image was captured.

The image was actually taken between the side banks of a track ballast bed with rain waterlogged in between the two. Simple yet amazing use of the camera can clearly be seen here.

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