About BloggerJoshi
About BloggerJoshi

I belong to a beautiful place called Uttarakhand located at the foothills of the Himalayan Range. It is famous for its natural beauty with diversity in flora and fauna, Kind hearted and hard-working people. Uttarakhand is also called the “Land of Gods” and the “Gateway to heaven”. My Aim in starting BloggerJoshi was to build an online community for every person possible. Scroll down to read more about BloggerJoshi and our future prospects with the website.

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Who am I ?
  • Educator
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www.bloggerjoshi.co.in was started primarily to build up an online Blog Space for everyone. The idea is to bring together groups from all niches worldwide to enable sharing of new thoughts and ideas with the world. I started writing about the digital space as it is one of the sectors of my prime interests. Moreover, the advancement and industrialization of the Digital sector have opened up diversified fields for those interested in providing digital services.

The heat of the hour is IoT that is the Internet of things. IoT is defined as an ecosystem in which Objects or a group of objects attached with sensors and computers with processing ability, exchange data with other devices to create meaningful results. IoT has also enabled a new working system dependent on more recent technology and has made work easier with increased efficiency. We wish to focus on developing Bloggerjoshi as a platform where people come together to discuss their ideas and life experiences related to their professional career, which would prove beneficial information for freshers in the sector. Thanks to multiple technologies, the field has evolved, including ubiquitous computing, commodity sensors, increasingly powerful embedded systems, and machine learning. Traditional areas of embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, control systems, automation (including home and building automation) independently and collectively enable the web of Things. Within the consumer market, IoT technology is most synonymous with products concerning the concept of the “smart home,” including devices and appliances (such as lighting, thermostats, home security systems and cameras, and other home appliances) that support one or more common ecosystems. These products may be controlled via devices related to that ecosystem, like smartphones and smart speakers. The IoT also can be utilized in healthcare systems.

This kind of Blogging Vision seems quite challenging to approach, but it’s not entirely impossible. We look forward to students and professionals from all fields contributing to the community by any means possible. We also have an open to all guest blogging platform where anyone can post an article of their interest by filling out a simple form. The BloggerJoshi team ensures that none of the uploaded content goes unconsidered. We have always believed that Content is King. To improve your content’s reach, our group of experienced SEO professionals word days and night to proofread your data and make it user-friendly to reach every individual looking forward to such information over the world wide web.

The Admin Manish Joshi is an enthusiastic person with interest in learning about social issues, Good and healthy Lifestyle habits, latest trends, Digital Marketing Skills, and more.

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