Malpracises in Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions or Malpractitutions

Education | Underpaid sector | Misery

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This story is a personal experience for me rather than other topics which I normally write about. They are usually based on minor social or National issues of our country. But today I feel independent to express my views on sinister traditions and foul methods which are practiced secretly by some educational institutions in our country.

I had been working in the education sector since 2015 and have taught in several (3+) educational institutions. I also keep on researching about latest trends that this sector follow to upkeep their business despite their deteriorating markets. Categorizing “education” as a sector might not feel correct as after going by the present scenario one can easily pull over the curtains on how these have grown into full-blown Industries with the mere aim of generating profits in the name of educating people.

The Exploitation Of Welfare Schemes.

Mostly all of you must be aware of several welfare schemes launched by the Indian government for the students who find themselves financially backward to enroll in higher studies. Various types of scholarships and stipends are distributed by the government for aiding such students. The scam involved in the scholarship scheme is deep-rooted to these technical institutions. Forgery of documents in order to avail scholarship for students who either withdraw registration or drops out from the course has been frequently reported by governing bodies in many cases every year.

We have the NEEM scheme, launched by the government of India and AICTE in 2013, which aims at providing technical on-the-job training to applicants who have passed High school and are either pursuing their diploma or undergraduate. This scheme helps a trainee to develop skills related to his field of education. The trainees enrolled under this scheme are controlled by a third-party agency and are responsible for all related legal duties. Any society or trust or company which is registered under Section 25 of Companies Act 2013 is eligible to apply for registration as a facilitator. The company should have been in the field of business training for at least five years. The capacity to place students in registered companies and a specific annual turnover in the previous three financial years is an important criterion for any organization to become a NEEM facilitator.

#Education | Underpaid sector | Misery

Having understood about this Scheme let me take you to the part where it is being exploited by few training providers registered in the name of trusts and technical institutions.


Numerous job fairs and other similar events are organized by these Facilitators in order to attract the public’s attention. The trainees are lured in the name of providing technical education along with on job training. Providing diplomas in an engineering field is one of the most common practices trending at present where 10th pass students are made primary targets. I would like to double quotes “”NEEM Facilitators are not allowed to demand anything in the form of security deposit or expect any other financial income in return.”” 

#Education | Underpaid sector | Misery

Let me take you to the dirty part. Many educational institutions have managed to get themselves accredited by the government. Now in order to ensure enrollment of the trainee within the scheme, many facilitators demand original certificates of matriculation or intermediate education which could also be replaced by depositing a certain amount of money in the form of a security deposit which they claim as refundable after completion of tenure of their training. I personally have observed in many cases the trainees being mentally tortured and harassed in case they opt to withdraw from the scheme. I can cite all of this as I personally had to participate as a representative in such recruitment rallies and in many cases contacted by the enrolled trainees with constant complaints about the working environment created in their place of work.

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Added Help

Some of the readers might be getting confused about how are these high school pass students being enrolled in the program when this scheme was meant for those pursuing technical or non-technical education. “YES” now comes the part where these technical institutions play their role. They get MOU’s signed by few private universities whose working practices have several times been questioned under the law. These private universities have zero control over the syllabus which is formed for several courses offered by them with the assessment criteria meant for testing the qualification of the trainee who is enrolled within the scheme.

The companies and industries which sign MOUs with such facilitators pay meager amounts of money to the trainees in return for services offered by them on the job which further adds to the problem of disguised unemployment. The trainees are further made liable to pay tuition fees from that same income which is shared by both the facilitator and the universities involved.

Absence of Assessment Criteria

The biggest question in the picture here is about the assessment criteria for the trainees enrolled by the universities. I have personally seen cases where these private universities depend upon the same facilitator-made institutions for setting up question papers and evaluating trainee assessment tests following not a single criteria devised by AICTE or any other body recognized by the government. This leads to a serious questionnaire for which the government is answerable as to how these institutions and universities are being able to run such fraudulent programs under their nose.

Other Central Government funded schemes like PMKVy (प्रधानमंत्री कौशल विकास योजना) and technical skill development schemes like as registered under NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, Automotive skill development council, NEISBUD, etc gives these institutions to make fool of the entire system filling up forms and paper to demonstrate their work.  Above all to add to its misery all this work is imposed on so-called faculties who were originally recruited on meager salaries to teach various other disciplines out of the picture.

All the schemes run by “money” enthusiasts are operated parallelly under one roof which again leads to questioning of government accreditation methodologies. You must have watched “BADSHAH” one of many movies with Mr. Shahrukh Khan as the lead actor. Recall that scene where the actor plays blind and manages to transform his living quarter into a clinic to make fool of his girlfriend.

At last but not least Private Education sector has now become an underpaid sector which has forced employees to their present state of financial misery.

There are many other dimensions of fraudulent methods practiced but words might feel short for it.

Well, in this story these so-called institutions are the Badshah with the government and public as the girlfriend.


Education | Underpaid sector | Misery | Article End

18 thoughts on “Educational Institutions or Malpractitutions”

    1. Yes, with decline in the interest of people in these courses due to change in financial and economic scenario they are facing acute shortages of what they now treat as customers. Hence they can’t help themselves but force immorally on their employees and existing customers to keep themselves alive.

  1. First of all thank you very much for choosing this issue.
    I have also worked in such an institution and I want to say that such people are playing with the future of children.
    They do not make any sense to the students, they just have to increase more money in their bank account.
    By misusing whatever schemes of the center government come, they cheat the students as well as the government.
    I had also raised my voice against this, then I also got a threatening call from the principal.

    1. Yes Mr Arun Yadav ji…………. …… This is the story for nearly all such small surviving bodies. The authorities running these institutions know nothing more than threatening their employees for termination in return of which they succumb to the fear of losing their jobs.

      An alarming situation!

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