E Commerce Platforms A Friend In Need

.E commerce a friend

According to the most recent United Nation estimates the world population as elaborated by Worldometer marked up a whooping count of 750.43 crores as of 2018 data.

With the uprising of COVID pandemic since December 2019, have deprived the largest of nations from savoring their own freedom.
Against the epidemic we have our soldiers standing the front with unconventional arms and ammunition comprising of all medical Aids and a hope of positivism in everyone’s conscience.
Other than the front liners, we have common citizens celebrities bureaucrats and many more out on the field to help the cause.

Many entrepreneurs and business person have voluntarily come forward to play the best of their parts of which the E-Commerce sector has an acute and substantial role bracing the entire revolution. There are many platforms with a good will to achieve this target. E-Commerce platforms within Indian subcontinent such as Health Kart, Zomato, Swiggy, etc are playing an important role in providing continuous supply of consumables without breaking the food chain.
Overseas business platforms like McDonald’s, food panda and many more is now aiding the government’s order by supplying groceries on demand. As per the advisory given by the world health organisation citizens of the world are prone to the COVID infection.


To minimize the risk until the development of the vaccine the following precautionary measures have been advised: 

1-Maintain special distance by avoiding contact with other people.2- Maintain cleanliness by proper sanitation of the surroundings  using alcoholic chemical reagents.

To support the cause of social distancing, major E-Commerce platforms have now taken responsibility to deliver important groceries and items to the door step of the consumer in the absence of which could have caused serious challenges for the stakeholders.
Among the help being provided to the fellow citizens one of the major part of the society which is being neglected and deprived are the delivery person which are employed by these E-Commerce platforms. 
With no income coming in, employees are forced to stay at their residence without being paid.Few E-Commerce platforms such as Zomato and Swiggy have raised up donation funds for helping those employees who reside in States where these platforms are forced to shut down completely due to complete lock down.
Hence it becomes our responsibility to keep a watch over such deprived citizens so as to keep their life on the go.

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